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Dom Gross (b.1960, Randa, CH) works coarsely, without deducing the contributions of those of whom I am composed, I am concerned with an asynchronicity that disconnects production and obvious contemporary shifts, by endlessly denoting states/ranks/domains in which to respond, to earn in the profits of mastering contexts.


PAST: SS17 - Vienna - No Ghost

Above: Poster of SS17 - Vienna - No Ghost.

Download: Mass to Building.pdf

The question of history is no longer. It demands no speculation as it is now perfectly reproducible and accessible in real-time. Words that used to die are kept indefinitely. ‘No Ghost’ operates by selecting sources from a never-dying world of ideas to crystallize languages of "made realms". We will momentarily interrupt this streaming present by introducing ideas as differentiations/reorganizations.

Since to bring a project into existence does not require it to have presence, "No Ghost" strives for realm-making that is critical of the emergence of projects burdened by the false weight to produce contemporary reflections, and as such are abjectly haunted by history, the same is for the future. ‘No Ghost’ will identify natures of today.

Cultures have been a result of centuries of material organization and now "No Ghost" embraces this legacy but establishes unforeseen material associations devoid of sentimentality.

Participants in "No Ghost" will manifest their own discrete agendas collectively--a paideia--by combining observable facts (social, scientific etc.) and mythical forecasts to originate a made realm (physical, virtual etc.). Participants will acknowledge not-yet-normalised contradictions of youth; a deterritorialized "polysited" life, nonstandard practices of coexisting; situations of ethical indeterminacy; unassimilated scientific shifts.

By combining the idea that everything has value 1, with syncretism--the combination of different often seemingly contradictory beliefs--"No Ghos" will invent "materials that have never existed", prior to composing a made realm. It is not the discourse that enables criticality, but the made realm itself.

"No Ghost" will enact the material-to-realm sequence by using the potential of ultra-resolution, described through extreme machinations of creation (knowledge/matter). Measure systems of these resolutions will defined by the participants (eg. rivers, data volumes, light-distance, etc) not as metaphors but as their tools for abstraction to be projective and for an intellectual autonomy.

1Like B.Fuller's obsession with geodesical formations of viruses that led to structural solutions.
PAST: WS17 - Vienna - Ĵʊ˅Ȝɲ1ℓɨΔ

Above: Poster of WS17 - Vienna - Ĵʊ˅Ȝɲ1ℓɨΔ.

Download: Ĵʊ˅Ȝɲ1ℓɨΔ.pdf

Can we keep alive a moment between a certain helplessness in the world and a fearlessness towards the potentials of what will come?

In recent years the "discovery" of youth has led to large shifts in development of technology and the creation of a new market segment which is trying to capitalise on its helpless/fearless condition. Such development has taken leads from the overwhelming amount that is being written in popular literature and mainstream media, where Youth is being problematized in a manner that intents to give an image of its "debilitation".

Ĵʊ˅Ȝɲ1ℓɨΔ is a not studio about the problems a youth faces, it is a studio that will ask questions of the architectural project with nominal prerequisites, fearlessness, and stemming from new sociocultural scenarios that have not hitherto existed.

In Ĵʊ˅Ȝɲ1ℓɨΔ, each participant will document a new scenario facing youth and respond by actualising literary, spatial and material responses. A full list of Ĵʊ˅Ȝɲ1ℓɨΔ topics and buildings will be provided at the beginning of the course and will set the foundations towards the individual projects.

Topics with architectural implications that concern the generation growing up today include novel forms of: independence of driving after AI; courtship and message-bound dating; dealing with the Realism of the local vs. the planetary horizon of the internet; evaluation between truthful reports and biased life-stories that are washed away in social media; socializing in the suburban Mall; contagions of the social and emotional; parental monitoring 24/7; following real-time/mass saturated News; corporate patronisation landscapes; the right to be forgotten etc.

Can we embrace--without prejudice--these complex spatial and aesthetic reflections that youth face in order to capture architecture projects? Ĵʊ˅Ȝɲ1ℓɨΔ will unearth nonlinear forms of space-making working with abstract narratives by association. The end of the studio will create unique portraits concerning new obsessions of youth.

NOW: SS18 - Vienna - Success

Above: Poster of SS18 - Vienna - Success.

Download: Success.pdf

“I am Warhol. I am the No. 1 most impactful artist of our generation. I am Shakespeare in the flesh” Kanye West

Such that modern life insists that we participate, we share an unfailing impetus to do well. An album is considered a best-seller if it goes platinum, a saturated web presence means a career can proliferate, the curricula vitarum (course of life) is a space for promotional propaganda, institutions seek olympians to legitimize budgets, hygienics means trust and safety.

Since the criteria for success may be relative to a particular observer (critically acclaimed does not mean profitable), we will not debate the markers of a successful project, instead we will deliver a spectrum of effective criteria to create motivational architectural projects.

We’ll also consider the idle, useless, backward, retrograde. In particular, we will examine successful through their processes of variation, mutation, competition and inheritance. Possible strategies of architectural projects could be: acquiring their own language considered as market strategy (ie. concrete words can produce neutrality to attract), thematized images as per a culture's code of behaviour; the quality and fetish of being a limited edition etc.

In “Success”, we will create space radiographies to measure how they project themselves--after the classical orders--to the street, the city, and indeed the nation.


I – Utopos (I) & Flows
II – Premises
III – Journey
IV – B-C
V – M-T-N-E
VI – Utopos (II)
VII – Positions
VIII – Ultra-Resolution
IX – In Flesh and Shadow
X – Alchemy
XI – Stage


G. Albanis
L. Farmwald
N. Chytil
R. Schiefersteiner
D. Sifakis
C.-A. Talaba
N. Zabihino
O. Öztürk
S. Uydas
A. Garber
F. Farkas
I. Fenzl
M. Gabriel
J. Klune
N. Koroglu
D. Krhen
M. Köck
A. Mrkajic
M. Kogler
A. Vasileiou
M. Ser

Former Participants
N. Chytil
F. Farkas
B. Grudnik
J. Lietzmann
M. Sabic
W. Zhang
P. Schubaeva
A. Gulyamdzhis
B. Stiegler
J. Burakova
S. Chen
A. Comanita
E. Düzgün
K. Ha Kwon
A. Imamovic
B. Keherová
S. Kim
M. Klapper
O. Lesko
Q. Li
Z. Li
J. Lietzmann
A. Mehic
S. Moser
A. Mrkajic
C. Mörtl
H. Nur Tümbas
A. Pachucki
J. Park
T. Qin
J. Redl
S. Rusnacková
D. Saric
M-K. Schamböck
G. Shepelenko
D. Sifakis
S. Sobczak
Y. Zhu


SS17, WS17
'Success' is an architectural design studio taking place at the Vienna University of Technology, at the Department for Architectural Theory and Philosophy of Technics. Led by Dom Gross with Valle Medina and Benjamin Reynolds and supported by Vera Bühlmann.

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